YUI Diary (2011.10.05) — Green a.live!!


Green a.live??

Translated by waratte, Hirotana, & Kikino!

Good afternoon, everyone.

It’s YUI.

??10/5????Green a.live??????????????
It’s getting pretty cold isn’t it?
Let’s keep us warm to prevent catching a cold!
Today, 10/5, the new song “Green a.live” has been released!
It’s the season we’re bound with kotatsu (Japanese traditional table with a heater and a cover) against the cool atmosphere. (haha)
It’s still to soon for a kotatsu right..
Since I don’t like the cold much, when I go outside I often wear extra clothes…
Please, by the time you go out to the CD shops (Haha) Do wear thick clothing to be safe from the temperature variations ?

Jokes aside..

???Green a.live???
The new song “Green a.live,”

Many things have happened this year, and I have really thought of many things. Also, I felt sorrow, I felt helpless and also impatient.
I thought if there was something I could do this time.

And I advanced thinking maybe something good will come out
by giving my utmost effort in my own life?

I made a trip to Miyagi prefecture thinking “can’t we sing together?”
So I went to a primary, secondary and high school and we sang together 2 or three songs.

Beautiful smiles and power, I received so much energy.
I thought “how warm!”
The words “We must live to overcome this” came to my mind.
I hope the people living there can maintain those smiling faces.

I thought the tune would show the hatred and scruples since we miss our dears (victims).
Also feeling indignation for things being not fair.

But, my wish is that smiles always come after cries.
And that everyone always have feelings of happiness.

This has become a rambling entry however,
let’s earnestly take care not to catch a cold!

With many thanks and love.


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