YUI Diary (2012.09.03) – Good Evening!


Translated by: Kikino!

Good evening!


It’s YUI

I really haven’t been able to update the diary lately…

Are you all doing good?

Nights are getting pretty cold
It feels like autumn is approaching,
and September is already here right?
So fast!
??STAFF DIARY?????????????????
This have been written in Staff Diary already but,
I have been to a lot of TV recordings!

I have received the favours from TV stations until now
so please remember to watch!

Everyone, have you made summer-like things?

Is it true that all the flavors of shaved ice taste the same if you close your eyes?

Strawberry blue hawaii taste different though

Well then, I wish i’ll be able to update the diary with more devotion (>_<)

Dewadewa Adieuhawaii.



Cheerful men!

Thank you for your reactions of my “Tehepero”
It was fun ?



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