YUI Diary (2012.10.21) — Halloween



Translated by azmikun

Good evening, it’s YUI.

Everyone, how are you?

Halloween is approaching, do you have any plan?

I also think that it would be nice if I can celebrate it, so probably at least I will decorate my house with lantern’s pumpkin.

I change the subject, today I had a recording for “Bokura no ongaku”.

How it will turn? I’m looking forward to it ?

This time, I was so excited because I had performance with Stereopony.
Certainly, check it okay?

And and, the other day I came to boxing gym!

Utilizing the connection from my acquaitance’s acquaitance, WBC World King Super fly-weight’s Satou Youta-san gave me privilage to experience super ring, I was so happy.

Of course he was going easy on me, but I was surprised about his speed that I couldn’t catch up.
Well it’s obvious..

Because from the start I am a fan of sports, once again came to my mind that understanding communication in sports and the activity in music has little bit similarities.

Everyday’s great effort and strong feeling are stimulating my body!
I felt motivated!

Overwhelming defeat!!LOL

It was fun!!

Well then, I hope you all enjoy autumn’s refreshing night?

(Adieu fly-weight king)



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