yui Diary (2014.01.12) – It’s a little late but…


It’s a little late but…
Translated by: pwrtsm


Happy New Year!
kotoyoro! (Lazy way of saying kotoshimo yoroshikuonegaishimasu which she says straight after)

Please look after me this year too!

I completely turned the switch off and just ate sticky rice cakes.
(Pretty sure she saying she lost control and ate a lot of sweets)
Is everyone full of motivation?

I had so much fun at the new year countdown live it was embarassing.
(Not sure komorimashita means troubled other people, I just guessed XD)
Thank you very much.

After the live, I went back to the dressing room, borrowed 3 seats and slept ..
Later, being refreshed, I ate anything and everything like it was no body’s business.
Thanks to that I’ll have to diet again…
I like germanium bath salts.

I also like pretty girls. (elder sisters literally)
Do you like them too?

I haven’t met the other band members since New years eve.
You guys are doing ok?

When the next time we meet if you guys act all polite and distant, what should I do…
We’ll have to bond all over again…

Yeah right. (So tempted to put like hell you would XD)


Sorry for being silly.
It was only a bit of fun..

This year while working with FURAFURA I’ll be working hard , so please look after me (-??????-?) (pretty sure its a cute face akin to :suki but with duck lips)

Ah… sorry (>_<)

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu (??????)?





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