YUI finally participated in the highly anticipated “live” broadcast on Ustream.
(It was not live)
YUI answered several question from fans, made a review of some of her favorite songs and recalled memories of her trip to Sweden. She also made a preview of her new song “YOU”

The video can be seen in Play You’s Ustream channel

Unfortunately, the video currently available has a strange problem with the audio pitch, wich it was lowered, either by accident or on purpose, making YUI’s voice to sound like a boy.
I personally consider this a disrespect towards YUI as an artist of renown.

The video has also a segment that was cut off from the original broadcast.
It was a performance of YUI and Chris in Sweden.
When the broadcast was being streamed, the audio suddenly went out of sync, and it was fixed after the song ended. You could argue this was an accident. But I think it was made completely on purpose.

Either way, I fixed the video, so we can enjoy what Sony doesn’t want us to see.

The full rip of the original broadcast, with correct audio, can be found in the forum.

Let’s Enjoy!