YUI is back to gr8! Records!


This info is on fire!!!

YUI-net website now shows gr8! records logo in the right bottom.
this only means one thing. YUI have changed from Studio Seven back to gr8! records!

If this is true, we can only expect good things. Studio Seven is a little Sony sublabel, with only a few somewhat inactive artists poorly promoted.
In gr8! records (wich belongs to sony too) she will be sharing a spot with very succesful bands like UVERworld or Stereopony

Also, gr8! Records do a great job promoting their artists. Wich is very good news for every YUI fan… not so good news for our pockets tho…

February 23rd is the day YUI celebrate 5 years since her major debut with Feel my soul Let’s see if this celebration brings more good news for us!

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