YUI Lover 1st Xmas Contest!


This contest is very simple.
State any YUI song that you like and give a short reason
of not more than 120 words but not less than 50!
It can be any reason! For example what that song means to you or have a special meaning to you,
or maybe you like the instrument used or arrangement of the song and etc etc…

All submission will stop by 16th dec 2011 2359hrs (GMT +8) timing

We will choose the top 10 answers and put them up for polling on the 17th of dec. the polling will last for a week.

The winner will be announce on Christas day itself!

Each user are only entitled to 3 submission.

Easy isnt it? So….. what are you guys waiting for! JOIN IN THE FUN NOW!

The prize for the best answer will be one copy of Pia magazine and MandW!


Join the forum to leave your entries!!