YUI-Lovers meet Yuusuke-san!



Two of our members, cyclo & Jun, who currently reside in Tokyo had the chance to attend a music industry lecture held by Hisashi Kondo-san. While there, they also had the chance to talk with one of our favorite YUI Staff members–Yuusuke-san!


Original post by cyclo:

We went to a lecture by YUI’s producer Hisashi Kondo with Jun about the music industry. Learnt a lot about various occupations in the industry, and tips on sound by the man himself.

It was a really small class and everyone got a chance to speak and share a little about themselves and ask some questions. We introduced ourselves as members of YUI-Lovers and immediately got a big reaction! He knows of YUI-Lovers very well and thanked us for always sending them gifts. (He said “OH!! That big ‘thing’ (referring to the community) that always sends us the CD with the circle on it (YL 4th Collab and X’mas Collab), Yuusuke always has to go running to look for it!!” and Yuusuke who was filming at the back starting smiling to himself)

Hisashi-san left right after the class ended so we didn’t manage to get a photo with him, but we approached Yuusuke and thanked him for always helping us deliver the gifts (and reminded us that the 5th collab is due to arrive soon!), of course, he thanked us again for sending them gifts. We will be meeting him again next week at the Honey Bee Meeting (mitsubachi kaigi) for MIO Band!




This is exciting news for the YUI-Lover community, especially since our YUI-Lover Collaboration 5 project is wrapping up and getting ready to be shipped (by the way, our YL Collaboration 5 project this year has a great setlist of quality songs this year)! This meeting with Yuusuke-san shows that our CD projects are successful! Music is really the best gift as it can reach across to anyone no matter where they are from!

On behalf of the YUI-Lover Fansite & Forum Community, we want to thank Yuusuke-san for helping us. Keep smiling!


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