YUI made an appareance at Kaito Royale press conference (October 25th)



“Kaito Royale” is originally a popular mobile game, and it will be a exciting suspense story. Matsuzaka Tori, Oomasa Aya, Fukushi Seiji, and 2PM’s Chansung will be the main cast members for the drama.

In the event, YUI, who composed “Lock On” as theme song for this drama, made a surprise appearance.
Regarding the theme song, Matsukawa-san gave rave reviews by saying “I think this is exactly what this drama needed. It’s a really cool song. When it crosses the end of the chapters it rises the expectation. It makes you want to watch the continuation fast”.
When YUI watched the first chapter said pleased “I thought it was great. They used the theme song with an impressive feeling”.



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