YUI MAX GET Interview (2010.09.12)


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Cross MAX GET Core

Music gives me courage. Singer YUI-san (23)

I want to listen to your new work ?????????????????????while driving.

??? Things like fireworks, the sea and driving, I wanted to put alot of sparkly images into it. It was 2 years and 3 months since the last album, so I spent a lot of time on this one.

You had taken a 1 year break to refresh.

????Since my debut at 17 there has been a lot of good times and a lot of good encouragement (input etc), however, while running I also passed the scenary. I missed the passing scenary and thought it was such a waste, I wanted to look carefully at it so I took a break.

So what did you do during your break?

??? I passed my drivers license. Also I just thought ‘lets go to New York’ out of the blue, so I asked my mum if she wanted to go. We saw alot of things such as ?MAMA MIA!?the play and Usher (R&B singer) live. The best part was the way he used to build up the atmosphere by playing catch with the audience. When we went to Dakota House (place where John Lennon lived), surprisingly (Ono) Yoko was there too. I also listened to the Beatles.

Because you used all these good experiences you have confidence in your work right.

??? Because the recording was done in such a relaxing manner I think the songs will have the same fun feeling rubbed off in to it. In such a relaxed state, I was able to feel all different sensations, and I want to keep everything open. (not sure about this part -__- )

???????????was a single too, it was filled with thoughts and feelings towards mothers.

??? I wanted to write a song about important things and people and thats how it came about. However, for the people who listen to it, even towards close friends and lovers, I be glad if it used to view them in different ways.

Like in ???????????????in Fukuoka you have preformed in alot of summer festivals. You also have lives in Fukuoka and Kumamoto too

??? About summer festivals, I like looking at the people who enjoying themselves, I also like looking at the other performers too. During my own lives I want to try playing catch but during rehearsals if you look at the stage from the seats , I have a feeling its a bit too far removed from music.

YUI what is music to you?

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????
??? Since my debut I would always answer “I couldn’t live without music” and I haven’t changed. There are many ways to hear the songs through different human emotions (joy,anger,sadness etc) but it is a thing that encourages you to be happy.

??? It hasn’t been much changed in a meaningful sense. I’m happy when various people say this is a nice street. I wonder if the Hakata station under construction has changed? The bakery that is there always had this sweet fragrance in the morning and i would always think ” ah i’m starving!!!” while going to high school. (text.photos by ????)


????(Yui) was born in 1987 and comes from Fukuoka. She made her major debut with the 2005 single ??????????????. In July her fourth original album ????????????????????was released. On October 21st in the Kumamoto city
Sojo University Public/Civil Hall (Kumamoto Public Hall), also on the 22nd in Fukuoka city’s Fukuoka Sun Palace YUI will be preforming live (Tickets are sold out).

?2010/09/12? ????????

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