Staff Diary (2010.09.14) — Ichihara meeting hall


Ichihara Meeting Hall

Translated by waratte and kikino

?YUI 4th Tour 2010 ?HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN????????????
At last!!
?YUI 4th Tour 2010 ?HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN?? has begun!!

????HOTEL “HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN”????????????????
As mentioned in the special tour site,
this time everyone at ?HOTEL “HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN”? is coming to a resort!
from which the live begins!

However, upon the weather getting worse unexpectedly, the HOTEL bridge connecting to the city crumbled away…
With no where to go, we stayed at the lodge by chance and had a live with YUI…!?

9/12 ???????????????????????????????
To all those who came out to the Ichihara City Meeting Hall on 9/12, thank you very much!
To have the tour after about 2 and a half years, just as I thought it would be, this live was the best ever!!

With an undescribably sense of unity, the assembly hall was packed

Everyone at “ dance”
dancing with backy was a amazing spectacle!

It was beautiful.

Those who came to the venue’s various places (?), please remember this by all means!

Of course, with the exception of “”, lots of joyful elements were packed too.
By all means, let’s rise the excitement to the max!

This time, for those who couldn’t come, in this Staff Diary
we are planning to report the situation little by little so, look foward to it!

Dewa dewa

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