YUI no Ontama 2011 Edition


Ontama is a micro variety show which episodes last about 5 minutes each.

Throughout this week  (October 31 to November 4 [00:15 Japan time]) YUI will be featured in these short clips!


YUI no Ontama (Episode 01, 2011/10/31) – Personal Question Session

Personal Question Session:
*quick rough translations*

Thing that you obsessed recently?
YUI : Puzzle ring.

As an artist, who do you consider to be your rival ?
YUI: Perfume

YUI-san can you dance?
YUI: Absolutely can’t/not at all!

Has something good happen recently?/Thing that made you happy recently?
Long pause
You’ve forgotten?


What type Of guy’s do you like?
YUI : Sparkling guy. Guy with sparkling eyes.

YUI no Ontama (Episode 02, 2011/11/01) – WHISPER

Rough translations:

YUI no Ontama Episode 2 WHISPER 
translations from Jun via IRC

“You haven’t asked but that person has cut your hair? ”
YUI: It’s good~

“What if you saw a customer in cd shops holding your cd, what will you say?”
YUI: Ike! ike! (go!go!)

“What if that customer turns away from cashier and left without buying it?”
YUI: Nandedarou?~

“You ordered vanilla ice cream but they gave you banana ice cream what will you say ?”
YUI: It’s okay, I wanted to eat banana anyway

“When you were late coming to studio because you woke up late, what do you say to your staff?”
YUI : I’m sorry, I was looking for my socks.

“Please give a word to Ontama that will past its 1500 episodes.”
YUI : please give something….Congratulations!

YUI no Ontama (Episode 03, 2011/11/02) – BEST 3 (Worst 3 Experiences)

1) 1) During the live, she went to go get the glasses she got form her friend and ended up going to the bathroom. She didnt tell anyone where she went so apparently caused some difficulty for the staff who thought they lost her.
2)  She went to a live house and since her hat was pulled right down she thought she bumped into someone with the same shirt. she wanted to avoid them, they went the same way, turns out it was a mirror.
3) I always shout to everyone who attend my live
“Ok, people who in 1st floor, please stand up, and the 2nd floor, and when I said 3rd floor~ there was no 3rd floor” LOL
Ontama: so what did you do to diffuse that embarrassing situation? (rough guess-translation)
YUI: *ponders*… I pretended nothing happened at all.

YUI no Ontama (Episode 04, 2011/11/03) – Ques-Pong 

What do you like to eat?
YUI: Subuta (Sweet & sour pork)

what food don’t you like?
YUI: Japanese leek and fish eggs

What goes good along with rice?
YUI: Mentaiko

At this moment, what is the one thing you wish for?
YUI: High level weighing scale. :O

If you received 10,000 yen, what would you buy?
YUI: The dumbbell puzzle ring

If they gave you 100 yen what would you buy
Tirol chocolate

What’s the side of you you like the most
I’m obstinate

What’s the side of you you hate the most
I’m obstinate xD

What is the phrase your manager says to you more often

Wha is it that you want to say to your manager
Azaasu! Azaasu is slang for Arigatou gozaimasu

A famous person you like
Mitani Koki ????
Actor, director, scriptwritter etc.

The best —- to relax

A phrase said by a fan that surprised you
Please marry me

Finally, could you please smash this while saying the title of your new album?

YUI no Ontama (Episode 05, 2011/11/04) – Personal Question


**thanks Jun via irc**

What do you want most recently?
YUI: Guitar?

What kind of guitar?
YUI: Well…I don’t think I have anything I want to have right now

Has there been any situations recently that have made you angry?
YUI: Morning! Morning is too early. I’m really weak at waking up…7-8am is really sleepy. Maybe I go to sleep late.

If you could go back and relive a certain time, when would you go?
YUI: Actually right now is good… while i’m saying that maybe when I was 20 years old……….. Actually, now is good after all. You get really fat when your 20.

What do you want to do this year privately
YUI: Clean the house!

Why?Is your house dirty?
YUI: Hmm….a little bit. I want to remove dust in the corners of the house.


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