YUI performs Green a.live at MUSIC JAPAN (2011.10.09)



Once again YUI had a fun talk with the members of Perfume.

They also showed some footage of YUI’s street live in Hong Kong.


Interview translated by panda

Both: I look forward to working with you!!

?? Recently, over in Hong Kong…

?? I went to do a live.

Narrator first oversea blah blah also did a street live

?? We said “doche” for arigatou. Well its like, alot of thanks (?) from the kanji gratitude (??) it seems thats how you read it.

?? It sounds like a sweet

?? I know right! Something like Dolce or words like that I feel they can be easily mistaken.

?: Is there something you are into recently?

?? In your homes where you dry things like towels becomes musty doesn’t it?

?? Uhm, yeah!

?? To deal with that I thought what should I do to make the smell go away, so I gave my all into researching it and am comparing detergents.

?? Eeeeehhhhhh? (loads of giggling)

Narrator blah blah to be continued but first the new song…

Some roumors said NOHANA from sutereopony would join this time on TV performances, but for some reason they decided not to include the band this time. What’s gonna happen in Music Station?

Her voice was really good!

The song ends. And back to the interview!

Narrator: YUI who loves doing the laundry, recently is really into comparing detergents!

?? There are a lot of various enzyme detergents and chlorine detergents but at the moment I’m challenging the enzyme one.

?? You already went through the chlorine ones?

?? No, I’m still at the beginning.

??Our A~chan loves to the laundry at home. Her hobby, hobby washing.

?? Uwahahahaha.

?? Things like the smell?

?? I also like the smell. Do you know this? It starts like this and then drops. You hang it up and the things come out..

?? Ah, I get it. I just got it

?? Octopus legs!

?? That’s right octopus legs. I really like hanging things like this on the octopus legs/

?? Eeeeeeeeeeeeh!

?? In the middle there are these clippy things right. Beforehand on your arm

?? You hang it there (the clothes)

?? (I think Kusu is the clipping sound) I love going along making go clip clip

?? Wondering how fast you can go?

?? YES!

?? Thats Lovely!

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