YUI to Perform at Charity Live in Hong Kong! ?????????????!!


YUI’s first concert in Hong Kong has been decided!!
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YUI to the world!
First overseas ONE MAN LIVE in Hong Kong was decided!!


Date: 2011.06.26 (Sunday)

Location: Asia World Arena (Hong Kong)

Ticket Sales: 2011.04.26 (Tuesday)

Ticket Price: 780 HKD / 580 HKD / 380 HKD

?????????HK Ticketing?TEL??852-31-288-288
Hong Kong, Inquire with Hong Kong Ticketing at +852-31-288-288


Japan, Inquire with JTB Official Tour at 03-5665-7632


Singer songwriter YUI (24) Will hold a live concert on June 26th in Hong Kong. It’s first time in her career to play at a foreign country.

She broke through to the stardom when “Taiyou no uta”, starred by YUI, was screened in Hong Kong, and she keeps her popularity in high. This event is going to be realized, because she has been eager to come in there for a long years. It was decided that charity goods will be sold in the venue and the all sales will be donated.

There has been 6 years since her debut in 2005. YUI has become the famed singer in Japan, and then she will fly off outside Japan.

YUI will hold the concert in Asia World Arena, where artists like Arvil Lavigne and L’Arc~en~Ciel have also performed. It is planned for an audience of about 7,000 guests. About her first time performing overseas, she commented: “It will be small, but I want to transmit my feelings of gratitude to many people. Let’s have a blast together!!”

The remake of the popular Hong Kong movie “Everlasting Love” (1993), “Taiyou no Uta” was a big hit even in Hong Kong. the protagonist, YUI, also gathered recognition. The album “CAN’T BUY MY LOVE” debuted in the first place in chinese HMV rankings. It was top three for 12 consecutive weeks. Her 3 nest albums also got the first position. She gathered support as a singer representative of Japan.

She was often offered to perform in Hong Kong after her breakthrough, and then the offering is accepted at last. She is popular in Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines because of the anime theme songs she had composed. There is also hopes for a tour in whole Asia.

There will be original charity goods for sale in the venue, to help the victims affected by the disaster in the east of Japan, all proceeds will be donated.
Jackie Chan as promoter held the charity event at the 1st April, and about 3 billion yens were gathered.
YUI, as Japanese representative, will ask her fans for support.

Source: Yomuri Online, Sony Music

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