yui Writes a Song for a Collaboration Project “Kaze ga Fuku”


It’s been revealed that yui (FLOWER FLOWER) lent a hand in the creation of the theme song for the project called S.O.S.!~sound of smile~ by M!LK?SUPER?DRAGON and Sakura Shimeji called “Kaze ga Fuku” (The wind blows)

Before this collaboration was realized, the group members, who were fans of yui. requested that they wanted to perform a song made by an artist they admire.
This is the first time yui makes a song for another artist since FLOWER FLOWER was formed.
Kaze ga Fuku’s arrangement was made by FLOWER FLOWER’s band member, Murajun, who also worked actively as producer.
The day of the recording, yui herself gave vocal directions. Giving direct feedback in regards to the image she wanted to convey. A peek of the atmosphere during the recording was uploaded to Youtube as a teaser video.

The song is set to be released during mid May.

Yui’s comment:
I’ve been commissioned to write the theme song of the “sound of smile” project.
I wrote the song “Kaze ga Fuku” and acted as vocal director.
When writing the lyrics there was lot of trial an error trying to merge together three music groups of different genres.
On the day of recording I was nervous about what kinds of people I would meet, but it turned out to be very kind and straightforward guys
I was fascinated by everyone’s various personalities. I became a fan on a single day (laughs)
“Kaze ga fuku” was made by the youth and cheerful power of everyone in S.O.S.! I hope a refreshing wind blows in everyone’s hearts.