YUI’s 21st single?fight?Release date, covers, where to buy, EVERYTHING!!



I really don’t understand why YUI’s staff think waiting for so long to release the information is in any way a good marketing strategy. It wouldn’t be a surprise if YUI keeps dropping in the oricon charts. At the moment, contents of Limited Edition is not public yet. But as ususal it probably won’t be worth buying, because of the lack of exclusive contents.
The song was also broadcasted on NHK radio, but unfortunately not many people was aware of this…

Leaving the bad feelings behind for now, what we can do as fans is just BUY BUY BUY and share this information to everybody, forums, facebook, twitter, send letters to the president, etc xD

Release Date: 2012/09/05
2.If you
3. Happy Birthday to you you~YUI Acoustic Version~
4. fight ~Instrumental~

It’s already up for preorders!!

Limited Edition (CDjapan) (Play-Asia)


Regular Edition (CDjapan) (Play-Asia)


Pictures are just gorgeous!! ?
I’m happy they also worked the texts a little, just as they did for Green a.livej

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