YUI’s “fight” to be featured at Minna no Uta on August and September



Minna no Uta is a music show of 5 minutes each episode. Every two months they feature songs making a video clip using animations.
They are also celebrating 50 years since the show started.
You can see more information and some videos in their website.

YUI’s new song “fight” has been selected to be featured on August and September.

Blackdog and nowayyui shared these pictures from “Minna no Uta’s Book” with us.

Other songs featured in this show will be “Yami Yami” and “Tontonton”



Pages for YUI:

Apparently, YUI’s video will be about students doing sports.
(Personally I was hoping to see an animation…)

Also music sheets for the song~
… Key is B this time?

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