YUI’s interview in MUSIC GARDEN


As usual, YUI-net didn’t inform about this very interesting interview.

The always candid YUI-san. She appeared bringing her favourite egg-shaped Shaker!
Wearing a cute shirt with flower pattern, she bought it on a second hand clothes shop for only 500 yen.

YUI is from Fukuoka and she loves Tonkutsu Ramen!
She knows the best timing when to order additional noodles,
and she think Tokyo people almost fail to order it.
With her small body, She used to eat 4 sets being at middle school…

Loving “naruhodo”(I got it. or I know.) She is currently addicted to ring puzzles!

?HELLO?Paradise Kiss?? is the theme song of ?Paradise Kiss?The live action movie of the highly popular comic by Ai Yazawa.
The sound features pizzicato and other things. It looks like she made a really big effort with ambition.


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Source: http://music.usen.com/modules/C/content0110.html

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