recochoku interview (2011.05.06) HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~ (completed)

by panda, kikino and hirotana.

? [My favorite character is… androgynous guy wearing frilly clothes]

?The new song “HELLO~Paradise Kiss~”, was written on commission to be the theme song of the movie Paradise Kiss?
Yes. I read the manga in the past and I thought it was a beautiful outlook of the world. Also, the main character’s conflicting form and the strength of her determination, joys and sorrows of youth and more, I felt many different factors so I thought it would be nice if I could include them. ‘I want to feel this dangerous dream’ is written in the lyrics, but i wrote thinking that I want to feel full of hope.

? Heroine Yukari is high school student. , were there parts where there parts that were similar to when you was in school?
Recklessly charging into anything. For me it was music, Yukari also found her passion, we are probably similar in the way we concentrate on the things we like.

?In the film was there a scene that left an impression?
The scene when she makes the oath just before she walks on the runway and says “I’ll take you to paradise!”. Looking at her changing in from oh him made me think “It’s so cool”

?What is the character who caught your attention?
It is Isabelle. An androgynous guy with beautiful features. Wearing frilly clothes, his way of speaking was interesting too. It looks a little like my manager (male) lol

?By the way, about “I want to experience a dangerous dream”, is it about Yukari trying to get George to fall in love with her?
I guess that might be the case, Lately I often get asked “Which one would you choose? George the genius or the always-watching-over Tokumori-kun?” (haha).
I think it’s about whether to chase after your dream or to choose (quiet) happiness, but I’ve never been able to make up my mind.. Hmm which do you prefer?

? [It took up to 20:00, all the time in high spirits]

? Eh? Me? I guess the type of person who looks for motivation (haha).
If he is creator you have to gather motivation, if you look at him from a afar he is a very charming person. But, if you get closer to him, I guess you’ll get hurt. I…prefer Isabella, maybe!? Because, he may be enjoyable to share time with, because he’s positive and gentle.
I made up my mind for the first time (haha)

–Thanks (for your statement) ! Also the song conveys an exciting and funny atmosphere (that the movie shows us).
This time we tried to include pizzicato, we also tried a drum rhythm we never used before. While thinking in parts of the movie, it reveals an image of a model walking on the runaway and streets looking stylish and dashing.

–What’s pizzicato?
It’s the sound plucking the strings like “Pa Pa Pan”

–Is your Music Video modeled with the atmosphere of the movie?
Yes. We used a total of about 10 patterns of cute clothes. Changing from the hair style to the shoes. The shooting took from 5am to about 8pm.
We had fun in high spirits all the time (haha). I used bangs for the first time, so maybe you wouldn’t know who are you looking at if you saw me suddenly (haha).
The sound was also completed in such a pop fashion, so I want you to please have fun watching it!

–The movie’s ending song “YOU” is a ballad with a completely different feeling.
I sang (composed this song) for the old (unrequited) lover she can’t let go. They told me this song will be played on the climax of the movie. So, I made it watching that scene many times, humming to myself.
There are lyrics such as “No fantastic dream can make me let you go”.
I think there are moments when you fall in love with someone and all you can do is think about them.

–I think so. And such moments, are painful.
I thought it would be nice if my solo guitar and vocal would be able to express the protagonist’s feelings In the middle of magnificent strings. When you love someone so much but you are worried that they are not the right person you should be with. I think both girls and boys feel this sort of emotion too.

Reporter, writer / Yuko Kitsukawa


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