“YUI’s Mission” B-PASS reports. MV recordings? Recording for NHK and secret live in Fukuoka??



First, this was written in this month’s B-PASS in the Hitokoto section:

“The present interview was done in Fukuoka! It’s because we came to do a full coverage on “YUI’s mission at her hometown” This will be published in the next issue.”

What is YUI’s mission, I wonder?
Maybe here are some explanations!


Fans reported that YUI had a recording in Tenjin, Fukuoka (YUI’s hometown) this night.
(God bless the internet)



These has to be the first pictures of YUI on the streets being published by a fan in history!



This is the same place YUI used to perform street lives before she debuted. It also appears in her first music video “It’s happy line”
(The entrance was remodeled few years ago)


So, according to the fan’s reports, this is supposed to be an “MV recording”, but we are not sure about that yet.
Remember another “MV recording”  was also reported few days ago in Shibuya.


There was also another report today:
YUI went to the school she used to study at in Fukuoka, and performed a surprise live of 5 songs.
She also gave shakehands, and joined their choir group rehearsal.
This was recorded for NHK.





The footage will be featured on NHK “SONGS” TV show on November 10th!



As far as I remember this show is similar to Bokura no Ongaku. They have an interview with an artist, but they also take them to several locations. Usually to make memories of the places they performed at in their beginnings. Sometimes, the show is splitted into two consecutive chapters.
It is also said that being featured in this show means that she will be confirmed to perform at Kouhaku Uta Gassen too ^_^


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