Staff Diary (2010.06.25) — Special DVD


Special DVD

Translated by “bored at job” waratte

It seems like summer has already begun, but
Mina-san, are you doing well?

????????HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN????????????
Summer album !! “HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN” is coming soon isn’t it ?
Please look forward to it.

Now then, I have the privilege of announcing more INFORMATION,
First Press Limited Edition Special DVD contents are particularly amazing!

DVD??????Music Video?????????????????????????????
Those things, in the Staff Diary, little by little
lets look back at the Music Videos compiled in the DVD.

?My Generation?&?LOVE & TRUTH????
This time it’s
“My Generation” & “LOVE & TRUTH” !!

?My Generation?

“?? ????? 16????? ????????”
?????????My Generation?Music Video?????????????????????????
“Taking off my school uniform, I don’t want to lose my 16-year-old self” <– My Generation lyrics
At age 16, YUI began the path to music.
Tough decision song: “My Generation” Music Video shooting is about after school closed, benefiting from going through with senior high school.

Confused and scattered around the gymnasium, production was very impressive ?

Senior high school students also participated !

By the way,
the first time I heard this song was 2007.11.19 at the martial arts house,
my honest opinion came from deep emotions somehow (tears).


“?????”????????… <— almost LOVE & TRUTH lyrics
Music Video?????????????????
I want you to hear “the love song”…
Painful but impressive song, a magnificent ballad.
We shot the Music Video also on a magnificent scale.

It was done in a set like historic ruins from the medieval times (!?) !

The guitar playing scene was also very impressive…

???????????Music Video???????
The scale of the Music Video became like that of a movie.

Which reminds me,
during shooting, YUI dove into the set’s pond and became soaking wet (laugh).
Natsukashii (laugh) ?

????Music Video?
?????????????????????????Music Video???
What a nostalgic Music Video !
But, looking back, it’s a wondeful Music Video that by no means will fade from our memory.

?My Generation???LOVE & TRUTH??DVD???????
“My Generation” and “LOVE & TRUTH” DVD first recording !!

Enjoy it~!!


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