YUI Diary (2010.06.26) — ??????


Good evening

Translated by Akogigi

Feeling that the time has passed by in the blink on an eye, It’s YUI

Have you all been healthy?

YUI RADIO?YUI LOCKS???????????????????????
Thank you very much for all the comments regarding, YUI RADIO?YUI LOCKS and the new songs!!

I’m reading your comments all the time and it makes me feel happy!

Also, rehearsing and having interviews / photoshoots, all these days have been productive.

Turning towards to the album’s release, I feel like doing my best!

Since it’s becoming summer already, please take care ok?

Dewa dewa, Adiu



Pictures of the usual rehearsal scenery.

The efector board have changed (no more animals T.T )

Efector board

The amp is from the same manufacter as Kuro-chan’s


Jaguar electric and Backy-san’s bass Jazz Master have the same color!

Electric and Bass

Dewa dewa!