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Two Japanese music websites have published articles on YUI’s visit to Shanghai.

This is probably nothing new but here’s the official report from and oricon!


YUI, first ever street live in Shanghai

Original Article
Translated by: cyclo


On September 24th, YUI visited Shanghai, China’s sight-seeing venue [Xin Tian Di], and accomplished the great feat of performing her first ever street live in China.

YUI image@China

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This street live was a response to the  hopes of fans in China, a collaboration initiated by the China side, an exceptional experimental “Street Live” that was the first ever in China, materialized by the coordination of various people. Once again, as the first Japanese artist in Shanghai performing at a local mega-mall’s free event at a scale of over 2000 people (Shanghai’s shopping district [Jing An temple]’s Departmental store [Jiu Guang Departmental Store]), the event was a record-breaking success in drawing customers.

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Furthermore, as arranged by the local Japanese consulate-general, she also appeared as a surprise guest at <Shanghai Japan Week 2011> held by the [Shanghai Japanese Consulate-General Organization] from September 23rd to 25th. Saying “For the great support from China during the East Japan Great Earthquake, I want to express my personal thanks no matter what”, thus conveying her gratitude, she displayed her compositions, the new song [Green], and her well-known song in China “Good-bye days].

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For YUI, who had successfully held a large scale (approximately 7500 people) one-man live in Hong Kong in June of 2011, places all over asia have sight their sights on her, and she has received endless public performance offers. Here in Japan the K-POP sensation sweeps across devastatingly, but in the Asian music entertainment scene, Japanese artists are highly popular, and there are also many musicians actively promoting. YUI is among the artists who have, for practical reasons, extended their activities into Asia. We look forward to her future developments hereafter.

????SRCL-7694?95 \1575(tax in)
????SRCL-7696 \1223?tax in?

2011 October 5th release
Limited Edition: SRCL-7694?95 \1575(tax included)
Regular Edition: SRCL-7696 \1223?tax included?

2.Let’s face it
3.HELLO ~YUI Acoustic Version~
4.Green ~Instrumental~



YUI, “Historically China’s first” live on a road


Original Article:
Translated by: panda


On the 24th, popular singer song writer YUI (24) preformed a street live at China, Shanghai’s signature tourist attraction “Xin Tian Di” (literally new world). In China this kind of live on the road was a historical first. In response to the Chinese fan’s wishes, this live was realised with cooperation with the Chinese side.

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Also, she became the first Japanese artist to preform live in Shanghai for a large scale deparmet store (Shanghai, Jiu-guang department store) [literally long light], the free event attracted a record 2000 people. Moreover, she appeared as a surprise guest for the “Shanghai Japan Week 2011” held between 23rd-25th, since consulate general set her on it.

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YUI “personally gave her thanks for the great support from China after the great earthquake in east Japan” to express her gratitude to the Chinese fans, new song releasing next month the ?Green, and even in China the widely known hit song ?Good-bye days?was put on show.


After the successful June solo live in Hong Kong attended by 7500 people YUI has become a hot topic attracting attention from everywhere in Asia, which means there would be no shortage of offers for other performances.

(….YEA!!! Go YUI! C’mon World tour onegai-shimasu~!)


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