Sony HK Hosts Birthday Party for YUI


Yesterday, Sony Music Entertainment Hong Kong’s Facebook page hosted a birthday party for YUI. About 100 guests were invited to this rented out cafe space where fans could celebrate YUI-san’s 25th birthday. They were able to distribute gifts to a representative.

At this party, a special video recording of YUI was shown. Unfortunately, we, international fans, will not be able to see this as Sony Music Entertainment Hong Kong will not be publicizing this video

Here is quick ‘summary’ of the video that was posted online from YUI@HK :

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YUI gave us a message: “Hello everyone, I’m YUI, long time no see.” She thank us for throwing a birthday celebration party 2 days before her birthday. She is really thankful. On the 26th, it will be YUI’s 25th. YUI thinks that she herself has matured and knows that we’ve all gathered together to watch the DVD which introduces the concert theme: cruising. YUI say her view on the Hong Kong concert is very memorable and wishes that there’s another chance to meet us.

Here are some photos of the event posted from Sony Music Entertainment Hong Kong’s Facebook page  & the YUI@HK fan group Facebook page.

Passes for the event

a Birthday message/gift that is sent to YUI ??? I think…

The cafe….what a small screen! Sony makes projectors, why aren’t they using them!



This must be the host. The guy on the right looks like “Billy” the translator from the Hong Kong Concert


I’m assuming this is the host and “representative”

Oooh a pretty strawberry-filled cake. Wow! I think I am most impressed by the cake LOL…..

Thank you Sony Hong Kong & YUI@HK fans for sharing pictures of the event!


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