B=PASS July 2010 issue (Interview)


Translated by Pandas Who Read This Scare Me-sama

The encompassing voice around the axis that is the piano, this song doesn’t feel like anything you have done up until now. Please tell us what was the thought process behind your new song ?to Mother?.
Lately, I had the oppurtunity to sing songs about supporting people, however, this time I made it more about myself and important things.

Piano and guitars make different melodies don’t they? You fully know how to use both right?
Because usually when writing songs I used the piano, mainly due to this I’ve learnt to play the piano.

You did not write this for a film or a commercial (no tie in), after a long time just a plain new song, just a song written for yourself. So how did you choose the theme “mothers”?
The title is “to Mother”, however, it is not just this it is also for all “great things”. “Mothers” are obviously great, for myself and everyone who’ll listen I tried to write about things like “greatness” “important”.

Because its familiar, important and also a great existance was it hard to make the song (form)?
It wasn’t exactly difficult/troublesome, however, I was wondering if my feeling was correct (or is it conveyed my feelings correctly?) Thats what i thought. I faced it head on and tried to make it as honest as possible.

After going to the capital Tokyo and also at the same time living apart form each other. If we look at things now, what kind of person is your mother to you?
She is someone who I am really grateful to.

Also, when singing to Mother, did you have a change of heart and did you realise anything for the first time?
kindness is cruelty…

The instant I heard the phrase “If i couldn’t lie I don’t think i could continue living” , “I hate people who don’t even lie even more” from the 1st album’s ?Swing of lie?came to mind, was this idea inherited from your mother and is just reconfirming it. “if kindness is around us we’ll unintentionally take it for granted” I feel it really is just YUI like. In this song how do you think you are presented here?
If I realise it, it’ll be too late and I will regret it, the opposite of that idea


For the listener, sometimes mothers, sometimes friends, sometimes childhood friends …… according to the day or time you listen the way it sounds changes, this is my honest impression. YUI yourself, how would you like it to be heard?
Without specifying who, I think you should think about important people and things in general.

I’m thinking that the recording process was not too dissimilar to recording with a guitar, do you have anything to add?
It was done in a relaxed and fun manner.

Is each time the same (?) During things like recording was there a interesting episode please tell.
It’s not an interesting episode but, stylist Date san gave birth around the time the song was made. In the way “to mother” we said we wanted make the song with/for her. So one week after she gave birth she participated in the jacket photoshoot, we were very happy.

In the music video we can see you playing the piano, is it likely you’ll do this live?
I think it would be nice if I am able to.

On the second track ?Tonight?’s intro, its a guitar exploding rock number. At what point in time did you complete this song?
I made the guitar riff. The song has the image of it being played live.

The unison of the powerful guitars, the memorable guitar rift, the impressionable acoustic guitar phrase ?????? the various developing guitar arrangement and sound make up, from the creation was the image made to match it?
When the riff was made, the sound and image of the song was immediately created

And then, one night’s work. with the passage of time the changing feelings, like a spinning expression the changing voice is very impressionable. What were you thinking when inserting this song?
It has the image of sneaking out of a party.

Plus ?GLORIA?’s acoustic version, the attack of a new single opening the curtains of your 23rd what kind of year do you want to have?
To enjoy at “my pace”, (not sure but) I think it would be nice if I could meet everyone during lives.

YUI is now 23 years old, looking at these photos, I feel you’ve become some what of a older sister.. What do you think about it.
I want to change in a meaningful way, but there are also parts of me that won’t/haven’t changed.

How have you spent your time recently? What are the general state of things?
I am recording. In order to make a good piece of work I am trying my best. I’ll be in your care (thank you)/yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

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