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[Radio] FLOWER FLOWER at FM Iwate “You Can Radio” (2020.04.13)

In this episode yui says that they wanted to do things they didn't do before, so doing a "feat." song seemed like a good idea.

AIR-G LUV TRACKS and FM Northwave GoGo Radio

yui went to Hokkaido to promote FLOWER FLOWER's upcoming tour and paid a visit to two radio stations. AIR-G LUV TRACKS 2019.09.11 https://youtu.be/QpJJazOQHcI Thanks to FLOWER FLOWER yui Korean for the recording https://m.blog.naver.com/12jini/221646820549 yui's LUV TRACK is?My Bad / Kharid? She said to love the song...

Oricon Style. February 7th 2006 (Interview)

Translated from ???? (akabaneouji) This is maybe YUI’s first appeareance on Oricon Style. The great selection of “Fukigenna Gene” was in the new year of 2005. The real YUI Being healed by music at the age of 17 I thought of listening to...

YUI on R??? !

  YUI on R???  aired on 2012.04.26 YUI-san recently participated as the featured guest on the show R??? (R no Housoku/Rule of R). This show aired in Japan on April 26th, 2012.  It has been a long time since we've seen a...


Yesterday, M-ON! MONTHLY ICON YUI aired in Japan. The broadcast features a 50 min talk and interview session with YUI-san. The interview covers YUI's recent activities overseas and also discusses her new album "HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE." The first half...