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HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN Interview at Lawson Ticket (2010.07.13)

YUI 4th Tour 2010?HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN? Translated by MrSean 6???????????to Mother????????5?????????1??????????????YUI??????????????????????????????????2?2?????????9???????? ????????????????????? YUI has accomplished quite a feat, her latest single “To Mother”, released in June, is her fifth consecutive single to top the charts at #1. All these songs will appear...

yui at Smilemix (Radio Comment 2020.04.04)


Go!Go!GUITAR 2006.08 — Is Ohayou no Kiss wo the first song YUI ever wrote?

    To most fans, "Why me" has always been "YUI's first song", but in this interview, YUI reveals a different story. Translation: Kikino Correction: Spring-san Original transcript: Akabaneouji   We went to meet the popular revelation, singer songwriter YUI. We could ask her many things...

YUI-sensei Back Again!!!! SCHOOL OF LOCK! (2012.12.11) – English Translations

*Post updated with English Translations* YUI ?SCHOOL OF LOCK!?2012/12/11, Time : 22:00?23:55 JST at TOKYO FM http://www.tfm.co.jp/lock/2012/yui/ http://www.tfm.co.jp/lock/staff/  YUI-sensei made a visit to the SCHOOL OF LOCK radio show yesterday. This may be one of the last times she will be making a visit...

Writing a masterpiece unknowingly – (B-PASS ALL RIGHT 2007)

This is a very interesting interview about CHE.R.RY and how unexpected it was for YUI for it to become the famous song it is today. Original transcript: Akabaneouji Translation: Kikino Correction: Spring-san "This felt rather mysterious. In the past november I was making...

[Interview] yui at J-wave GROOVE LINE

J-WAVE????????GROOVE LINE?????????????????3?25????????????FLOWER FLOWER?yui??????????????????????????????????????????????????