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yui and Norihiro Koizumi Appear at the Premiere of “Midnight Sun”

yui, 12 years after the recording of “Taiyou no uta”. Remembers certain “Incident”: "I didn’t know what to do." yui, who currently leads the 4-members band FLOWER FLOWER, appeared at the opening event for the movie “Midnight Sun”, now in...

[TV] HTB Ichimon Morning Interview (2018.03.14)

We will try to provide a translation in the short term >< For an HD version follow this link. (Warning: might display porn adds)

yui at Nishikawa Takanori no Bokura no Ongaku (2020.09.24)

https://youtu.be/wbcKIRVQkS4 https://youtu.be/d0k8_JgJF_8

YUI on Music Edge (2010.07.26) – Interview

YUI was featured on MBS ?MUSIC EDGE +OSAKA Style? with an interview and a quick review of her career. Further detalis can be found in the forum.

[TV] SuMatan Entame Interview (2018.04.17)

For HD version click here.  

[Radio] Satoshi Takebe no SESSIONS

  In preparation for their upcoming concert "TIMELESS SESSIONS in YOKOHAMA" on June 17th, yui and Satoshi Takebe had a small talk and also played "Ubugoe" live at the studio. .