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[Magazine] COUNTDOWN JAPAN 17-18

Some scans from COUNTDOWN JAPAN 17-18 magazine ^^

B-PASS April 2018 Issue

Follow this link for high resolution version and additional pages.

Billboard Japan – BEST guitar girls

Billboard Japan published an article about the so called "guitar girls" on their June issue and YUI was featured! It doesn't say it, but no matter how you look at it, the second illustrations is inspired by YUI...

PATi PATi 2012.09 – YUI and YAMATO from Orange Range

This is one of the last appearances YUI made in PATi PATi. Actually, it was the second to last. I honestly have no idea what this interview is about. Maybe I will try to translate it some day in the...

GOOD ROCKS Magazine Vol.93

GOOD ROCKS Magazine Vol.93 May 2018

[Scans] 2017.09 ROCKIN’ ON JAPAN

I took the trouble to remove the text on this one because it makes a good wallpaper ^_^; Download link Enjoy~