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Pictures taken from the web or TV

yui’s TV Appearances for December!

On December 1st, at Zanzibar Night 2017, yui performed along with Mukai Shutoku the song KIMOCHI from Mukai's band, ZAZEN BOYS. The highlights of the event will be aired on Tokyo MX on December 29th and FLOWER FLOWER Staff has...

Inko no “have a nice day” Tour 2019.10.27 – Zepp Osaka Bayside

Inko no “have a nice day” Tour Zepp Osaka Bayside 2019.10.27 Setlist 1.? (Tsuki) 2.?? (Tokei) 3.??????? (Subarashii sekai) 4.??????? (Toumeina uta) 5.???? (Seki wo tatsu) 6.? (Inochi) 7.???? (Coffee) 8.?? (Tomoshibi) 9.? (Aki) 10.? (Honou) 11.? (Mitsu) 12.?? (Kamisana) 13.Rolling Star 14.???? (Powerful) 15.??(Odori) 16.????(Bye bye) Encore 17.???????(Startline) 18.??? (Hikari) ...

YUI Visits Tower Records and Tsutaya Music Stores!

YUI-san visited our store!! Today another artist came to visit our store!!!   Single?Fight? YUI came to deliver it! Thank you for everything! It's been quite some time since the last time I saw her. I was surprised of how mature she has become. She is really...

Inko no “Have a Nice Day” Great Finale — Zepp Tokyo

This time they performed a very different version of "Bye bye" During the encore yui started playing Rolling start out of the blue, and even the band members were taken by surprise.

Inko no “Have a Nice Day” Tour day 6 — Zepp Osaka

2018.04.23 Inko no “Have a Nice Day” Tour day 6 Zepp Osaka Setlist 1? 2???? 3???? 4???? 5??? 6??????? 7?? 8?? 9?????? 10?? 11??????? 12? 13?? 14?? 15???? 16??? 17???? Encore 1??????? 2CHE.R.RY 3?