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[Magazine] COUNTDOWN JAPAN 17-18

Some scans from COUNTDOWN JAPAN 17-18 magazine ^^

YUI arrives to Hong Kong (Gotchi’s report)

Um…this was a crazy day! This weekend is pretty much what I’ve been looking forward to and today was preeetty awesome in my world of YUI fandom. So I got up early around 9ish to get to the...

yui and Norihiro Koizumi Appear at the Premiere of “Midnight Sun”

yui, 12 years after the recording of “Taiyou no uta”. Remembers certain “Incident”: "I didn’t know what to do." yui, who currently leads the 4-members band FLOWER FLOWER, appeared at the opening event for the movie “Midnight Sun”, now in...


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yui’s Instagram Posts (September 2nd – 9th)

I always use liquid foundation, but when I'm too busy or in a hurry, powder foundation is easier to use! I'm relieved I bought this ? Ah, by the way, I'm using a beautiful skin app ? Good evening....

yui and Kurei Yuki at OTODAMA SEA STUDIO 2018

OTODAMA SEA STUDIO 2018 (2018.07.08) 1.?????? 2.LA LA LA 3.????????yui enters here? 4.COUNTRY ROADS 5.CHE.R.RY 6.LIFE (Kimaguren song) 7.LOOKING FOR THE RAINBOW   All the credit for the pictures go to Kurei-san. FF staff just posted a pic of the sky...