Daigen Takoyaki



On her trip to Osaka, yui and her bandmates stopped by certain takoyaki store.


This is a report by YL member Jeff who also visited Osaka recently:


Was passing through Osaka on the way to visit the family so came in here for lunch. Flower Flower tweeted they’d called in here for a snack before rehearsal as part of the Inko no Mure tour so I had to give it a try. https://twitter.com/FFLOWER_STAFF/status/385047101819740161

It’s a tiny place, only room for 3 tables, it has a slightly smoky feel due to the grill. Luckily the table Flower Flower used was free so I was able to sit there. I ordered takosen, the same as the band of course. Incredibly cheap, takosen + cola ¥250. Its octopus fried in batter and served with sauce between 2 crackers. Really good, it was the first time I’d had it. The guy who served pointed out that I needed to hold it with the grease proof paper to eat it.

I knew after checking the internet that there were band signatures here but couldn’t see Flower Flower’s until I mentioned it to the guy when paying. He said “O! Hi! yui-san” and pointed out the sig behind the counter. It’s a good job I asked as it was at the back of the kitchen and I’d totally missed it. I couldn’t see it from inside.

Daigen Takoyaki is in the America Village (Amerika Mura) part of Osaka. The nearest subway station is Shinsaibashi, about 3mins walk. The area has a great vibe, mainly due to the loud music that emanates from the shops. There are second-hand American clothes shops and quite a few guitar/music shops. Great place to stop off if you’re ever lucky enough to be in the area.
Some more pics…

Daigen3 Daigen2 Daigen1 Daigen5


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