FLOWER FLOWER diary (2014.07.26) — Work today as well.



July 26, 2014
Translation by Haluta

Work today as well.

Long time no see.

It’s mura?jun !

It’s summer !

We four got together after a long time !

We are going forward little by little.

Hyuu !

It’s mafumafu.

It’s the season of Hiyashi Chuka.

Next month, Little Forest will hit screens at last !

Today, we worked on it and so on.

Hope you look forward to both the movies and the theme songs !

It’s sacchan.

It’s the season of curry.

The Thai curry of canned ??? is really delicious.
Red tuna curry, green tuna curry are really delicious.

No addition of chemical seasoning.

Yes! No Chemical!!

I’d like to go to somewhere to eat delicious curry after this again.

We did a pretty good job in our theme songs.

Long time no see ! This is yui.

Are you doing fine?

It’s fun today as we all met after a long while !

Let’s be careful about summer weariness and heat stroke.

I’m also looking forward to the release of Little Forest. !!

I hope you will also have fun.


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