Details about HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE Hong Kong edition’s poster and guitar pick



In Sony Music HK Facebook page, there were so many questions asked by fans… and this is what Sony replied.
By pmmonkey and trekkie


??YUI ??????, ????????.
1/ ???????????CD+DVD, ?????Guitar Pick????????, ????6000?. ????3?(for example la!)????, ?????????. ??????(?11?2??)??CD+DVD???????????.
2/ ??????Guitar Pick?YUI??????????????Fans???????, ?????YUI??????????????.
3/ ????CD+DVD??Normal CD?, ????????/???????
4/ ????????CD+DVD?, ????(?11?2?)????Normal CD, ????????????, ???????????.
5/ ?Fans?????Green Normal CD??CD+DVD????, ???normal CD?Single?????????, ???????????. ??????????????, ???????????, ???????.
6/ ?????How Crazy Your Love????????, ??????, ?????????. ???????
7/ ??????????CD Warehouse/HK Records/HMV?, ??????????, ???????????????, ???????????????????, Fans???????check?check?!!
8/ ??????????????, ?????????!!
9/ ????????????????????, ????????Fans???”??”???, ??????????YUI??, ?????????????, ??????, ???????!!
10/ ??????????, ??????????(???????), ???????????!!
11/ ????CD+DVD????????HK$149, Normal?CD????, ?$110 (??????????!!)
12/ ????????????. ???????????????.
13/ ?Fans?????????, ???????, ???????!!
14/ ?????, Fans????????????Guitar Pick, ????????????????????Guitar Pick????, ????????! ???????????????????! ??????!!

? ?Sony Music?????YUI???, ??????YUI??????????Fans????????????. ????????????, ????YUI??????”?”?! ???????????????YUI?????????”??”, ?????YUI??????????? (????????????YUI???????show? !!)


1. Preorder LE comes with guitar pick and poster. Only 6000 copies available. They will stop taking preorders once sold out and will only sell on release day 11/2.

2. The guitar pick promo is to boost sales for HK version to break past record sales (rather than those HK people buying Japan version…)

3. Japan version has LE and RE but no gift and no chance in the lottery (lottery for the 1 out of 10 autographed CD).

4. Besides HK LE version, on the release day, there will be RE version. But no chance for the raffle and not included in the preorder. (means no preorder for RE)

5. Some fans were wondering why Green a.Live CD version and CD + DVD version was delayed, and the reason for that was because the normal CD version sales in Hong Kong weren’t high, and we could only order and get the Taiwanese version. Taiwan release dates are often much later (yea, it is, I can’t even find it despite searching in 4 different shops =.=), add on shipping customs and other problems, and so will be much delayed.

6. The new album HCYL will be released the same day as Japan.

7. Other than the bigger CD companies, CD Warehouse/HK Records/HMV, smaller shops may not obtain as much stock as the major shops. So fans should go to the shops first and check!

8. This promo not available for overseas/online purchases. Sorry to oversea fans.

9. There is no limit on how many you can buy, but if there are crazy fans who buy a whole bunch at once… they hope that they are true YUI fans who buy more to share with people around them, instead of reselling online. (LOLOLOL, real thing that people do, pity oversea fans)

10. This time around, there’s only one type of poster, it’s the Japan version (same as HK version) Poster can be obtained during preorder pickup.

11.Recommended retail price for LE preorder is HKD149, RE is HKD110 (prices may vary depending on store)

12. For the chance in the lottery, one preorder will be given one ticket.

13. There are fans who asked whether preorders are available in bookstores. This time, only in record stores and does not include bookstores.

14. During pickup, fans should check whether the guitar pick is included in the packaging. Shops will not entertain any claims after that. Shops will also not entertain request to change color of pick.


For more details reffer to the thread in the forum