2013.05.04 JAPAN JAM 01

2013.05.04 STUDIO COAST
Translated by YUI-Lover

She has returned to pop music’s front scene.
YUI who stopped from her many activities as a solo artist, appeared as yui leading the band: FLOWER FLOWER. Until now, only fragmentary gossip has been heard from secret performances. At the beginning of April they announced the start of activities officially. Today we have received news from their performance at JAPAN JAM 2013

This will become a testimonial stage without a doubt, and people will talk about it even in the distant future. yui is not necessarily unrelated to JAPAN JAM. Last year, she participated as a part of Mukai Shutoku’s staff in charge of the sale of goods. This year Mukai Shutoku ACOUSTIC & ELECTRIC played CHE.R.RY as a tasteful tribute.

2013.05.04 JAPAN JAM

mura?jun on keyboard, sacchan on drums, mafumafu on bass, together the band members got into their positions. Within the darkness a magical intro started. Also, the short-haired blond yui, strumming her guitar enthusiastically, with powerful and groovy melody expressed her vocals as a bundle of determination to go with tenacity against fate. The experience left everybody overwhelmed and when the number finished with a snap, exclamations and shouts of joy arisen from the floor. Amazing. FLOWER FLOWER is an amazing band.

In the next song, the band strongly assembled. With a sound of beautiful depth, it supported a violent love song. Judging from yui’s intonation, her expression was completely different to the girl from before (YUI)
Moreover, the style as a band was already at a high level turning everything perfect.
“Good evening, this is FLOWER FLOWER. Please treat us well” With a simple and restful greeting, yui made a deep bow towards the audience. there is no need of many words. It felt as if she said “Anyway, please just listen our tunes and feel us”

2013.05.04 JAPAN JAM

2013.05.04 JAPAN JAM

Todays performance had nothing but new songs, leaving the introduction aside, a total of 6 songs. With noisy and artistic sound design, the countless number of people gathered at STUDIO COAST were swallowed by yui’s emotions

The band performed within a moderated illumination until the end, but when they were about to leave, she transmitted words of gratitude, yui took a pipe and blew it aimlessly. Certainly she is still the girl we all know. “Thank you for letting us perform today….. Let us enjoy the fantastic performances until the end,” For the last song, mafumafu played the cello.
As if surrendering themselves to its sound yui, accomplishing her transformation with the sound of the band let loose a new radiance.

“We are FLOWER FLOWER. Thank you very much!” No doubt, this name is going to shake the pop music scene in 2013. The stage brought more surprise and deep emotion than imaginable. (Kouji Hirokazu)

2013.05.04 JAPAN JAM

2013.05.04 JAPAN JAM

Pictures by TEPPEI

Source: http://sp.ro69.jp/quick/japanjam2013/detail/81856

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