FLOWER FLOWER Diary (2013.05.09) — Unexpectedly diligent.



Unexpectedly diligent.

Translated by Hatsumichan.

I am now able to drink coffee which I couldn’t drink before, it’s yui.

Today we did some recording~

I’ll pass the baton over to mura?jun!

Ah, Hi.
It’s mura?jun yo?.

JAPAN JAM???????????????
FLOWER FLOWER?????????????????
To all those who came to JAPAN JAM, thank you!
FLOWER FLOWER will continue to progress forward day by day,
so please don’t make your expectations too high and wait for us (???)

Mm, well then, next is sacchan. Though I’ve never actually called him sacchan before!

I bought an instrument yesterday, and didn’t use it today, it’s sacchan.
Right now, I ordered a beef bowl.
Next week I hope to use it (the instrument).
Good bye?.

Last is mafumafu!!

Thank you for coming again. It’s mafumafu.
mura?jun is having zaru soba (a large serving of it)
sacchan is having a beef bowl
I’m having a pork cutlet bowl
yui?is having tsukimi udon (udon noodles with an egg in it)
And that’s the end of FuraFura’s meal delivery information for today.

JAPAN JAM????????
???????????????(?´•.? • `?)?
Once again, it’s yui.
JAPAN JAM was really fun.
Truly, thank you very much.
Next is Metrocks! I’m looking forward to it ?(?´•.? • `?)?

I think that I’ll start making the diaries kind of random from the next one.
Please continue to support us from now on ???????(-?????-?)???????



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