FLOWER FLOWER Diary (2013.05.30) — Welcome Rainy~Season~



Welcome tsu~yu~*

*tsuyu = rainy season
Translated by waratte and amethyst.jr91

by sacchan

Thanks, it’s murajun (???)
Thank you METROCK.

Recently we’re doing some recordings,
and we’re preparing for the event at Ryougoku Kokugikan,
we’re working hard in many things.
It’s Ryougoku Kokugikan (event) soon, right.
Can’t wait for that!
by mura?jun

???PS4?XBOX ONE?????????????????????????????????
BioShock infinite????????FLOWER FLOWER?????????????????
There’s an announcement about PS4 and XBOX ONE recently, it’s gonna be an unbearable day for gamers.
I want to play BioShock infinite, but for FLOWER FLOWER, I’m sealing it.. (maybe he’s bearing not playing it for FLOWER FLOWER’s sake)
Since we’re preparing for many things, please stay tune!!
by mafumafu

It’s yui?
6??????????????????????????(?´•.? • `?)?
It’s entering the rainy season. Let’s not lose to the low (atmospheric) pressure?
Can’t wait for the Kokugikan live in June! yoroshiku onegaishimasu ?(?´•.? • `?)?



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