FLOWER FLOWER Diary (2013.09.27) — Current Status



current status

By Christopher and Jeff

Hello, it’s murajun

It’s autumn!

First’ of all, we are doing our best rehearsing for the tour.

Rice is delicious.

Weee (???)

Thanks for your support. This is mafumafu.

The Japanese release date for the PS4 has moved to next year. Sad, isn’t it?

I want to start with FF14, so if I see you in the computer world, let’s meet up.

Let’s adventure!

I’m sacchan. Speaking of sacchan.

Recently, at last I began to love instruments. Serious, isn’t it? From now on I’ll stick with it.

This is funny. Whenever I play my own drum set
and I try a different set afterwards, it feels like the later has a better sound.
Maybe instruments feel jealous too?

Please treat me well.

Yahoooi! It’s yui
Are you all doing good?

It’s starting to become a little bit colder and a little lonely, but I’m planning on building up my autumn appetite.
It’s before the tour so I’ve been getting very excited!
Rehearsals are doing good too, so I really wanna perform soon!
The bands joining us are great too., thank you so much!

????????????????·??·???? ????
Let’s have a good autumn with each other~ ??·??·???? ????