yui DIARY (2013.09.19) – Night of the Full Moon




Night of the Full Moon

Good afternoon.

Today’s the night of the full moon right?

If a friend hasn’t told me about it I would’ve let it pass.
I want to know more about the many Japanese festivities.

Night of the full moon is a festival of gratitude at the time of harvest
Dangos looking at the moon on the grass…


??????????????????New Acoustic Camp?
Instead of summer, we went to New Acoustic Camp festival on an autumn-like atmosphere!

I felt happy after singing on a fabulous atmosphere and when doing folk dance!

After our performance ended, we enjoyed watching the performance of EGO-WRAPPIN’-sempai where mafumafu plays.


When the performance ended I was about to take a picture from the stage to the audience, and the battery died right at that moment. I was surprised by that miracle. Haha.

It would be nice if I can see everyone within this year~~

EGO-sempai and FLOWER!!


Everyone who came to see us!!


Thank you as always!!