FLOWER FLOWER Performed in Secret at Shibuya O-nest


It’s been reported by several sources on twitter that FLOWER FLOWER appeared as a secret performer at Shibuya O-nest yesterday, May 31st.

Setlist thanks to @takino:

1.???? (Seki wo tatsu)
2.?? (Kamisama)
3.??????? (Toumeina uta)
4.???? (Bye-bye)
5.??????? (Startline)
encore ? (Honou)

According to this report yui said “This is a concert after three and a half years, kids being born and a diet.”

sacchan also made a comment about it without giving much detail.

“It was a good presentation. Everyone was smiling.
Noise and ambient. Spread and contraction.
But even with such contrasts, I want to give such wrecking performances”

Before starting the performance yui said “You might not know who I am since I appeared so suddenly, but maybe you will recognize this song?” and then she sang a verse of CHE.R.RY.
This would be the first time she performs a song from her previous career since the official formation of the band.

During the time YUI was in hiatus, FLOWER FLOWER performed at least 70 times in secret.
It is clear that yui really enjoys the intimacy of small performances and she will never miss the chance to do it again and again.



With that being said, before YUI announced the end of her career, they DID perform CHE.R.RY with the assistance of Kaji-san on Music Lovers, December 2012.