FLOWER FLOWER’s album release was planned for yui’s birthday



So the rumours about FLOWER FLOWER’s first album are all over the place by now, but this new piece of information could be taken as an official confirmation directly from Sony:

Let’s look at the evidence so far:

subarashii sekai news
Confirmation from LISMO stores says that Subarashii Sekai is a song from FF’s upcoming album entitled ??? to be released on November.


95 music website confirms the release of an untitled album on November 26th.
Catalogue number: SRCL-4899
Source: http://www.95music.com/product_doc.jsp?id=170003
Let’s remember 95music is a trusted source for leaked information.*


Thanks to dso

sony u dun guffed

Today, an entry of Subarashi Sekai was added to the definitions of FF’s discography page.
Subarashi Sekai is tagged as belonging to the article with catalogue number SRCL-8499 (Same as the RE of the album on 95music!! )

Source: http://www.sonymusic.co.jp/xml/art/70007342/artist.xml

Also, the catalogue numbers are interesting. Why?: 
1 – Catalogue numbers follow an correlative order. Gr8! Records releases are classified under the standard Sony Records catalogue numbers (SRCL-XXXX). 
2 – The same day the album is supossedly being released (Nov26), there’s an UVERworld single being released too, with catalogue numbers SRCL-8648~9 and SRCL-8650.
3 – But the catalogue numbers for FF’s album are 8497~8 and 8499.

Same day release, but almost over a 150 difference in catalogue number?. This simply means that the album was either originally going to be released earlier this year or, atleast, planned and registered long ago. When exactly? Well, if we search for, for instance, what would be the previous release to FFs album (SRCL-8495~6)? We find a Fukuhara Miho album that was released on March 26th (YUI’s birthday)!. So yeah, the album was probably originally scheduled to be released (or just planned) around the end of March or the start of April.
Oh, btw, Fukuhara Miho is from Gr8! records too :p. 

Also something bd pointed out:

The possibility that FF’s album was also scheduled to be released on yui’s birthday is very high. BECAUSE when two albums are released the same day, the SRCL number is asigned by “alphabetic” order. So:

FU KU YAMA Miho gets SRCL-8496
FU RA WA Furawa gets SRCL-8497

U know “ka ki ku ke ko” comes before “ra ri ru re ro” BASIC KNOWLEDGE xD


kamisama release
itunes shows kamisama release to have been on february 5th.
But in reality it was released on May 21st.
At that time, both murajun and yui apologised for the delay of the marui mono.
This song was most likely the one chosen to be the promo song for the album. but then yui’s condition deteriorated and everything was delayed.


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