FLOWER FLOWER Diary (2014.10.02) — Wonderful world!!



Wonderful world!!
Thanks to Haluta-san for the corrections

???????( °?° )
It’s murajun.
It’s the autumn of appetite eh?

That being said
Distribution of “Subarashii Sekai” has started!

It’s a trully lovely song.
I love the lyrics of this song.

I pray for it to become an important song to everyone.

It’s sacchan.
Distribution of Subarashii Sekai has started.
Thank you so much.

On a personal note, I tried out the nuance of shitot where it is pikot.
I think the unexpectedness is good. Unexpectedly.

I’ll be happy if you all enjoy it along with the drama.

Thank’s for the hard work. It’s mafumafu.

?????????24?????? OF THE DEAD????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!?
The ending theme of subarashii sekai to be aired in TV Tokyo is being distributed!
Probably you heard the song on last year’s festivals. It’s a catchy, cute coquetish pop song (Haha) What is it like!?
I personally think this is one of the songs to get really excited at lives, so please play on repeat and memorize the lyrics! About the drama, I love zombie games, (Biohazard, Dead Rising, L4D, DauZ, Dead Island, etc…)
It’ll be fun!! Please support the song as well as the drama.

Good evening, this is yui.
I’m so happy that Subarashii Sekai became an ending theme!
The plot of the drama looks interesting too so I’m all excited ?
I whish everybody to watch it~
I personally think that the songs of FURAFURA cover a wide range of styles, but please try not to be surprised when you listen! (Haha)
Subarashii Sekai’s lyrics are extremely positive, so by all means I want you to listen to it when things happen (like feeling sad?) or even when nothing happens (lol)
With the arrival of autumn, you can smell the fragant olives right? Its my favorite fragance ?
One a personal note. I cut my hair~
Let’s have a fresh and nice autumn~?


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