FURAFURA Diary (2013.04.05) — YAHMAN!



Translation by Kikino and Hatsumichan.

???????(?´•.? • `?)?
by yui
I really like hiragana.
Specially ???(Nu) I like that it feels like it will cause a confusion when you look at it.
The website has finally been launched!
We are currently groping about what this site should become every day, but that is exciting too.
I want to boost my feelings towards the festivals in May!
Let’s have fun days ?(?´•.? • `?)?

?FLOWER FLOWER??????????????????????????
by mafumafu
“We’ve started the band FLOWER FLOWER. Well, it probably sounds about the same (in importance) as “We’ve started selling Hiyashi Chuuka*
For the time being, everyone in the band is playing the “boke” role, so I’ll practice the “tsukkomi” role like a true person from Kansai.**
But I won’t “tsukkomi” the rhythm. I just follow along from the back.*** Let’s meet at the festival.”
by mafumafu

by sacchan
“Aah, Aah, mic check.
Aah, aah, we are Furafura, <– just here because it’s “BOKURA|FURAFURA” so Kiki just added the extra “Ra” at the beginning xD
Furawa Furawa.”
by sacchan

??????????????(??? )
by mura?jun
Hello, nice to meet you. The anouncement has been made at last.
Everybody has been working hard on recordings, making songs, rehearsals and such,
but first let’s meet at the festivals.
I’ll be happy if we can share an entertaining time together.

Uwa, that greeting was a bit stiff! (??? )
Anyway, please treat us favorably!
I’m waiting for your shrill cheers! Yahoo!
by mura?jun

Twitter was stablished too, please take a peek.

Til then~


Hatsumichan’s notes:
*note: cold Chinese noodles – google it for a picture. Stores have just started selling Hiyashi Chuuka recently because the weather has been getting warmer in Japan so it’s kind of exciting… but not so exciting news, and that’s what he’s comparing the announcement of FLOWER FLOWER’s debut to. -pshhh Japanese people and their “I like to put myself down” attitudes… (^o^;)
**“Boke” and “Tsukkomi” are two roles in Japanese comedy where the “boke” plays stupid and the “tsukkomi” corrects them (normally pointing out their mistake as if they were making fun of the boke for making such a stupid mistake). So a (bad) example would be,
Boke: “Oh, did you hear the other day that YUI formed a band called FURAFURA? (“furafura” means to be dizzy and wander around) I wonder if they’re all gonna go on stage and faint for us.”
Tsukkomi: “It’s FLOWER FLOWER, and why would a band go on stage just to faint, stupid!”
Most Japanese comedians are from the Kansai region and are known for being good at Tsukkomi.
***I’m guessing that he made this point because he plays bass and he can’t “correct” the rhythm, he can only follow along with everyone else. ^^;;

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