Reports about yui’s relationship with Hatano Hirofumi



By Hatsumichan

I will say that the Japanese media tends to over exaggerate EVERYTHING (I mean, it’s considered “celebrity gossip” and that’s over exaggerated everywhere anyway…) so please take everything with a grain of salt, and use your common sense and rationale when you read this. Public displays of affection are considered extremely “scandalous” in Japan so even holding hands in public will make you seem like a “couple who is passionately in love.”

Also, there are some contradictions between the two articles and I don’t know which one I necessarily believe more, but either way, the result is the same.


FRIDAY Magazine Article:

Songstress YUI “I’ve ended up living with you maybe ?”
Eye-witness photos!

?I’ve ended up falling in love with you maybe you haven’t realized it yet?

Singer YUI (26) sang these words in her own hit song “CHE.R.RY”
But if she’s going to date someone so openly, it’s definitely something that we would end up “realizing.”

The songstress, who received an overwhelming amount of support from her peers in their 20s, extremely suddenly declared her break from the industry in November of last year.
She left comments like, “I want to challenge new things. It’s in preparation for that.” and with her appearance on “NHK Kouhaku Utagassen,” held on New Year’s Eve, as her last, she broke off all connection with the public and disappeared. —
However, a few months after that in the beginning of April, she restarted a new form of musical activities.
“YUI announced that she would officially restart her activities this May as the vocalist and guitarist of her newly formed band ‘FLOWER FLOWER.’
Because she originally started off with street lives, she wanted to do live performances that allowed her to be closer to the audience.
And because of that, the new band went around live houses in different areas and performed with other bands in a “battle of the bands” type of format.
The fact that, in the new band, she changed her name into all lower case letters, “yui,” as well as her short blonde hair, probably signifies just how much feeling she put into wanting to start anew.” (Music Magazine Editor)
With the strong determination to continue her activities as a band, YUI has pushed off on a new start.
But she also welcomed a huge change in her private life as well.

One night, in the beginning of April, from a certain apartment building in the metropolitan area – Meguro District, came a blonde haired YUI pushing a scooter.
Beside her there was a shadow of another person also pushing a scooter; it was a male with long hair wearing a knit hat.
As the two of them talked cheerfully, they gallantly kicked off the ground and started to ride around on their scooters.
However, the weather that day had sprinkles of light rain.
“Should we leave them (the boards)?” YUI asked, and in response,
the long haired male replied kindly, “It did start to rain pretty hard huh-.”
The appearance of the two of them happily riding around on their scooters in high spirits around their neighborhood without caring about the unfortunate weather was the very image of a couple.
Shortly after that, the two of them disappeared off into the city at night, and appeared again a few hours later going into the same apartment building.

On days other than this day, there were people who witnessed the two of them leaving the apartment in a very friendly manner, and returning home a few hours later while cuddling one another.
“I often see them going shopping at the local convenience store and at the shopping district. This is an area with a lot of elderly people in the area, so it seems like there are barely any people who realize that it’s YUI. They always walk around looking like they’re very close and holding hands without caring about whether or not other people see them.” (A resident in the neighborhood)

According to YUI’s authorized personnel, the two of them had already started living together last year.
“It seems like around spring of last year, the two of them moved into that apartment building. The man is an indie musician and he performs at the live houses in the city.”

YUI has gotten a partner that she has strong bonds to in both real life and in their musical activities.
We wonder if their life together will become manifested in one of YUI’s future hit songs.

2013.04.11 Friday Magazine


Picture comments
Holding their hands in a “couple grasp,” the two of them are walking out of a convenience store by their house. After this they link arms and walk down the shopping district.

On a different day from the picture on the right, they rode their scooters around the streets at night in the light rain.
Because the rain got heavier that day, they went home by taxi.



yui, her passionate love revealed! The other party is… FRIDAY reports

Restarting her activities, and taking a step in a new direction as the vocalist and guitarist of FLOWER FLOWER, yui has started a new love in her personal life as well.

According to authorized staff, her new partner is Hatano Hirofumi from the three member rock band “People In The Box” who made their major debut in 2009 with their mini-album “Ghost Apple.” He is the cool guy who, like yui, is in charge of vocals and guitar in his band.

The two of them met at a live venue. Last year, while participating in “battle of the band” type live performances in between her actual solo artist activities, yui did many performances with “People-” and as they progressed, she hit it off with Hatano who is also from Fukuoka Prefecture like her. In the middle of last month, yui’s difficult fall out with her boyfriend at the time became a chance for them, and their relationship quickly developed into a passionate love.

Though they have only been dating for less than a month, they are extremely lovey-dovey, and have been witnessed many times going to and from their house in the city. In “FRIDAY” their passionate love was reported along with a “super hot shot” of them holding hands and walking together.

yui put her solo activities on hiatus last year after her performance on NHK Kouhaku Utagassen on New Years Eve, and just announced on the 2nd of this month that she would be restarting her activities with the music buddies that she’s close with, forming the 4 person band FLOWER FLOWER.

At the beginning of this year, yui drastically cut off the long black hair that she was known for, changed it to a short blonde cut, and showed her determination to make a clean start. On May 4th, she will perform at the live event “Japan Jam” which will take place in Tokyo, Shin-Kiba Studio Coast. She has reached fulfillment in both her official and private life, and it seems that we can expect to see a new kind of charm coming from her.


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