FURAFURA Diary (2013.11.19) — Current Status –It’s been a while



Current Status –It’s been a while

Translated by Jeff and Leo

Hi, it’s sacchan.
This year my nose hasn’t succumbed to the ragweed. (Hasn’t had hay fever)
It’s a victory for science.
Thank you very much.

Good evening this is mafumafu.
PS4 is safely reserved for February, can’t wait.
See you at the live venue, or even on the net.
Let’s meet, let’s collaborate, let’s compete.

It’s yui. Sorry, updates have been slow.
We’re also making updates on Furafura Twitter now.
I’ve a fairly good feeling.
It’s cold isn’t it~

It’s mura?jun.
It’s been a while.
We are in the middle of recording.

Getting excited ? ?
te he (???)
I’ll continue to do my best!!

Till next time.
We are casually updating Twitter
Please follow us if you’re not already doing so.



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