YUI Diary (2012.07.16) — Shooting!



Translated by azmikun


it’s YUI!

How are you?

There was a big disaster because of the heavy rain.

So frightening
I’m praying with all my heart that the disaster will not extend and hurt anyone.

Changing the subject, recently, I went to have a shooting!
What is this shooting for, we will announce it soon,
For now, a bit of the atmosphere…

This time, the long time no see, director Miki!! (middle)
Cameraman Iwagami who always assists me!! (left)
Lighting’s Maeda!! (middle back)

It can’t help but to feel so excited to see this to be finished!!

and, Inoue Takako who assisted me in this shooting!!

It can’t be, I entered the ring!

I look so weak..
what a tremendous moment for me who like pro-wrestling.
I was taught a little how to step inside the ring.
What a lovely and gentle sister?

And finally, with Takako and Taguchi!

Strong also gentle, they are sneaky!

The other day, I was given privilage to have a talk at Fuji TV’s “Bokura no Ongaku”.
I received a delicious snack from producer Kikuchi.
Thank you very much!!

Please, I’ll be ahppy if you watch this show as well!

Well then, for a girls, sunburn is natural enemy right?

Let’s be careful!!




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