Green credits has been published


2011.10.05 Release
Sound Produce & Directed by HISASHI KONDO

01 Green
Lyrics and music: YUI
Arrangement: HISASHI KONDO

Drums?Norihide Saji
Guitar?Hajime Mizoshita
Additional sound programming? HISASHI KONDO

02 Let’s face it
Lyrics: YUI
Music and arrangement: COZZi

Guitar, Bass, Additional sound programing? COZZi

03 HELLO ?YUI Acoustic Version?
Lyrics and music: YUI
Arrangement: YUI & HISASHI KONDO

Guitar?Akitoshi Kuroda
Additional Sound Programming?HISASHI KONDO


Maybe the most surprising in these credits is the return of COZZi to YUI’s team!
COZZi wrote the music for several YUI songs in the past:

FMTY: Ready to Love, I Can’t Say, Blue Wind, TOKYO.
CBML: Highway Chance.
ILY: No Way, Daydreamer, I Will Love You.

Thanks to Kevin for COZZi’s info

All of them are great songs!
“Let’s face it” doesn’t mention drums in it either, so it will definitely be something interesting!

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