School of Lock! (2011.08.22) “YUI-tsubo” episode translated!


YUI-sensei coming to school!
Let’s search for YUItsubo ! Summer roar of laughter episode!!
(tsubo: laughing point)

Welcome baaaack!!
YUI-sensei has come to the classroom for a live broadcast!!!!
Translated by panda, nana, kikino and azmi

Furthermore! she even brought her new song for the students of our school!!
The first broadcast in the universe is on our live broadcast lesson, so definitely don’t miss listening it from 10 o’clock!!

On the subject of our students! YUI sensei is completely unpredictable, being like a fluttering and dancing butterfly (laugh), as you should be painfully aware! Where it is I don’t know, YUI Sensei’s sense of humor! We will call it YUI-tsubo!!

As for YUI-sensei, really what kind of story would make her laugh?
That is, try searching for our own “This Summer’s Episode”!!

However, let’s be careful!
Everyone’s imagination goes to unspeakable places with YUI-tsubo (laugh)!!

As a reward, those students who make YUI Sensei laugh…will get a clear file!!!

From the latest YUI LOCKS! lesson that day, YUI Sensei was coming from “Upper-Right Shikoku” (laugh), and did a special expanded version for us!

That day’s, YUI’s final blackboard…
“See you later”

After that its been 1 year in no time!
Tonight, in accordance with the promise made on that day… YUI has come to our live lesson!!!!

?Waai! Whoo??

…hm? I feel as I can hear YUI sensei’s voice from somewhere… (Haha)

YUI sensei: Stand! Bow! SHOUT !!!!

Toyama Headmaster: Wait..wait! This is important!! (the ritual Stand! Bow! YUI added SHOUT! on her own)
Yashiro deputy head: Well since its YUI sensei why don’t we just allow it.

…it’s started already!!

YUI sensei: to all the students of SCHOOL OF LOCK! I’m back!! Its YUI!

Toyama headmaster & Yashiro deputy head : Welcome Baaack!!!!
We’ve been waiting for you! YUI sensei~!!
Welcome back!!

It is none other than YUI Sensei’s sudden appearance!

Tonight, just announced, for the first time in the universe, YUI Sensei’s new song will be aired!!

What’s more, the title hasn’t even been announced yet!! Which means the first time in the universe the title will be aired—-!!!1

Now then, YUI Sensei! Please announce the title of your new song that will be released on October 5th!!

YUI Sensei: It is “Green”! The meaning is that we exist together with the Earth, and we shouldn’t forget such an important thing…I think. This year, a lot of things have happened…I thought about putting all the things I had been thinking about and feeling into a song, and
so I wrote this.


(Listening to the song…)

Toyama headmaster: Its a very gentle song! This gentleness is nice, I thought that alot. Even though there were times where I had thought that it was maybe a little too gentle, I felt as if YUI sensei was saying “it’s fine as it is” to us.

YUI sensei: Thank you very much!

Yashiro deputy head : It makes you think about various things. After all the things we have had happen, you want to go around and give some strength, even a little bit. That was what I thought…

Immediately, many posts about their impressons had reached us!!

? YUI sensei?

Welcome back YUI sensei?(´?`)/I’ve been looking forward to this for along time!! Your new song, it’s dangerously good!!!!! This adult feel from YUI sensei is so refreshing(´??) I’m so excited for the 5th of October now?????

cotton candy RAD
female/15/Miyagi prefecture
2011/08/22 22:10

Toyama Headmaster: Ceratinly… its just like what was just said

Yashiro deputy head: That’s deep…

Toyma Headmaster: Like you’ve been hiding something big…

Yashiro Deputy Head: YUI sensei … have you become an adult (Haha)?

YUI Sensei: I guess so~? But, I think because I wanted to put so many things into this song, it gives that impression.

? YUI sensei! Welcome back!

How the lyrics entered from the intro in the new song was really awesome! Its really healing! I’ll definitely buy Green!

Angel of explosive voice
male/15/Saitama prefecture
2011/08/22 22:10

Yashiro deputy head: Probably in the chorus parrt, it gives you certain feellings!!

YUI Sensei: It is because there is singing, and there is also crying.

Well then … in YUI sensei’s last lesson, the theme was everyone with YUI sensei “promise”

YUI Sensei: Even during the time I stopped my lectures, all the students that wrote on the bulletin board! I also didn’t forget the promise made at that time!!

Toyama Headmaster: Everyone, The result of all those promises made back then were written in for us. Thank you!! I think it would be nice if YUI bulletin board from here on would become YUI Sensei’s and everyones “Promise Board”

Yashiro deputy head : ” Because of that, everybody becomes stronger and makes something deeply meaning”

OK! Tonight we will join YUI-sensei with all of you in LIVE broadcast class to…
Find “YUI tsubo” !! Summer bursting laughter episode!!

Being the case of our school’s pupils, YUI’s laughing point is very hard to predict (laugh). We are eagerly wishing to know!!

Where is YUI’s laughing point?
We called that: “YUI tsubo”!!

What kind of story that will make YUI-sensei laugh?
Find it yourself with everyone’s ” this Summer Episode”!

Toyama Headmaster: “There is a possibility YUI will laugh at a place that you haven’t imagined before (laugh)!!

Yashiro Deputy Head: I don’t know

Next! anyone who can make YUI-sensei laughing will get a present!!! Clear file , and in this clear file…?

YUI-sensei : “Of course, allow me to sign on it!”

Toyama Headmaster & Yashiro Deputy Head : “Please do so!!”

OK, YUI signed on it~!!

But, the judgement will be very strict!! ” Ah,,YUI-sensei will laugh out of courtesy, right?? if its like that…it will be disqualified!

Toyama Headmaster: First of all. Let’s read the introductions!

? Delicious

Yesterday for the first time I’m ate “ponzu”! and it was the most delicious food that I ever had until now (^O^)?
(ponzu: juice pressed from a bitter orange)

2011/08/22 14:21

YUI sensei: “A situation like this it is impossible! It’s a situation that seems I’m not allowed o laugh (Haha)”

Yashiro Deputy Head: “it’s fine to laugh (Haha)”?

YUI Sensei: ah, but that’s right. Ponzu is delicious right?.

Toyama Headmaster: But that’s a response of synpathy…

Yashiro Deputy Head: OUT! (Haha)!! It’s not sympathy!

“Not along ago, the Air Conditioner put outside my house was stolen.”

YUI Sensei: Uh? … how come?

Yashiro Deputy Head : ” After bought the AC, it was put outside the house because I was still waiting for the handy man to install it…..and probably at that time suddenly a group of people came in (laugh)”

Toyama Headmaster: OOUUUT! (Haha)!!

YUI Sensei: ah, but it was quite funny!

Yashiro Deputy Head : “if it funny , you have to laugh more (Haha)”

? YUI-sensei’s tsubo

Not long ago my grandma asked for a friend’s email address, her friend said the word “dot” with such good pronunciation it was as if they were a native speaker, so she had them repeat it over and over again.

2011/08/22 18:23

YUI Sensei: Hahahaha (Haha) Ahhh ~ amusing!!

Yashiro Deputy Head : “But In the beginning of the story you were already laughing… (Haha)”

Toyama Headmaster : “OK then, you get a Clear File!!”

? I don’t understand YUI tsubo(*_*)

This summer, there is one funny story in our family. My father is being pecked by a crow. The opposite thing is I asking my father how to get pecked by a crow instead. Although my father didn’t do anything that make the crow hate him, but these days the crows in our town feels so fierce. From that time the crow is my father’s enemy.

2011/08/22 15:35

YUI-sensei: “ehhhhh (surprise)!!!”

Toyama Headmaster: “only surprise (Haha)”

YUI-sensei : ” Why is that so…? Is it because the father have a nice body scent?”

Toyama Headmaster & Yashiro Deputy Head: oout (Haha)

Toyama Headmaster : “Even though it was a good story (Haha)”

Next student is

RN Yuuki Miyazaji prefecture 17 years old male

In September there is job acceptance test, I wrote my CV this summer!

Toyama Headmaster : “In this summer episode, i want you to find ” YUI tsubo”….do you have confidence?

Yuuki : “no…”

Yashiro Deputy Head : “I also don’t !”

YUI Sensei: “I don’t too”

Yashiro Deputy Head: eh … (Haha)?

OK, please tell us your summer bursting laughter episode, RN Yuuki!

Yuuki : This is a story about a dawn in summer vacations,,,at that time i sleep on bed and i felt something cold on my right hand…”

YUI-sensei :“Eeh! I wonder what was it?”

Yuuki : “After I open my eyes and I see it,  there was a crab!”

YUI-sensei: “Ooooh!!”

Yuuki : ” I’m thinking that the crab came from outside, but i lived in third floor apartment! and then I tried to catch it, but it ran away, don’t know why, maybe it likes me, because when i was entering the house, the crab is coming closer to my feet! And then I try to throw it away and carried it away until outside the house. Even though I already hold it with my two hands, the crab bite me and ran away down stairs with skill!!”

YUI-sensei : “How skillful?! (Haha)”

Yuuki : “Two days after that, I don’t know why the crab was on my bike seat (surprise)!!”

Toyama Headmaster : “Yuuki….OUT—(haha)”

Yuuki “Eehhhh…(crying)”

Yashiro Deputy Head : “so mean…(haha)”

YUI-sensei : There are a lot of mysterious thing huh…but then, your intonation is good!

Yashiro Deputy Head : “It seems he has given up?”

YUI-sensei : “The heart has already given up! but there is “LOVE” (Haha)”

Toyama Headmaster : “OK then, the decision is in YUI-sensei’s hand”

YUI-sensei : “Of course, give him a present”

Toyama Headmaster : “YUI tsubo, succeded (haha)!!!”

Yuuki(??): Hooray…!!

Yashiro Deputy Head : “Because you already tried your best (Haha)”

Congratulations RN Yuuki, Clear file with YUI’s signature for you!!

But is seems that the students is having trouble to make YUI-sensei laughing, and because of that (Haha) we will give you a hint for YUI-tsubo!!!

Toyama Headmaster : “I’m also doubtful with this thing, but please tell us about something amusing that happened to you recently!”

YUI-sensei : “amusing thing that happened recently ……One night I was walking, in front of me there is a middle-age man with fierce face walk towards me. I felt a bit frightened…and I tried to walk keeping distance from him. Suddenly he come nearer and ask me “Young laaaady, what place is this?” (Haha!!)

Toyama Headmaster : ” What place is this?”

YUI-sensei : That middle-age man seems drunk, and he came out from taxi to a place that he wasn’t familiar with and he seemed lost (Haha) “What place is this?” he couldn’t really ask it properly, it was funny!

Yashiro Deputy Head : Maybe, our Laughing Point is not really different from yours

Toyama Headmaster : But, isn’t it a pretty good hint?

Okay, take YUI-sensei’s hint as reference and keep trying!!

? ?Looking for YUI tsubo?

I have a lot of weird friends, either when playing game or playing something they’re always saying weird things and nonsense like ” shuka shuuka cheku cheeku poko pooko peke peeke kyata kyaata” (Haha) because there are no meaning on it and i always laugh when i hear it (Haha)

2011/08/22 16:56

YUI Sensei: Hahahaha~~(Haha)!!!!

Toyama Headmaster & Yashiro Deputy Head: “Tsubo succeded”

YUI-sensei : “Your pronounciation is good (Haha) if you say those same words 3 times I’ll laugh!

Toyama Headmaster : It also could be a good hint too right ? (Haha)

Alright, RN pekepekewakuchin you get a clear file!!

Looking for YUI-senseis’ tsubo

At Okayama station I took a weird survey. I got it from a middle-age man approximately 40 years old with a mint gum scent. At the beginning I was asked about my age, and continue to “are u in soccer club? basketball club? after thinking about that questions, I answered “I’m in athletic club” and then he kept asking “do you have a girlfriend?” and when I answer ” I don’t have one”, he said ” let’s make you get a girlfriend” and then he keep telling me his love stories. I said in my heart “you’re so annoying, I’m not interested in your love stories” and then he just go and I really don’t understand at all the meaning of that survey. It became a confusing day of my summer holidays.

2011/08/22 18:10


YU-sensei : “HAHAHAHAHAAaaa (Haha)!!

Toyama Headmaster : “…YUI-sensei, why suddenly…? (Haha)”

Yashiro Deputy Head : “Didn’t we hear a “tsubo”…? (Haha)

RN Naokikki? congratulations, you get a clear file!

Okay let’s continue!

RN Niyafumu, Hyogo prefecture, female.

I’m RN Niyafumu and I enjoy practicing with our band in summer holiday.
I’m practicing YUI-sensei’s song “again”!

Toyama Headmaster : “Niyafumu, are you confident to found “YUI tsubo”?

Niyafumu : “hmm…Yes I am! (Haha)”

But you’re talking like you don’t have confidence (Haha)
Anyway, go head!!

Niyafumu : The day before yesterday, I’m wearing sleveesless shirt, at the bottom of my arm, I saw something flapping. When I saw that, it turns out there is an armpit hair on my right arm. Then I measure it with ruler, turns out it 4cm long! Maybe this is a world record I think. I tried to take a picture of it, but because it was located near the shoulder, I couldn’t capture it well. Then I tried to take the photo with black background, then I pulled the hair, but when it was time to capture it ” tuingggg” the hair plucked (crying)”

YUI-sensei : “Hmm…I see….!”

Niyafumu : Even though it failed to be no.1 world record, but for about 30 minutes, I was laughing to myself for this finding!!”

YUI-sensei : “That’s right!”

Yashiro Deputy Head : ” Maybe it was a hair that only last for 30 minutes”

Toyama Headmaster : “Is there something like that? (Haha)”

Niyafumu: ” There was (Haha)!”

YUI-sensei : “Hahaha (Haha)!”

Toyama Headmaster & Yashiro Deputy Head : “Success (Haha)!!”

Congratulations Niyafumu, you get a clear file with YUI’s sign on it!
Congratulations!! good luck (keep trying) with the band!

Alright, still continuing!

RN Putoremaiosu

Looks like RN Putoremaiosu also don’t have confidence, but he sounds like a confidence person (Haha)
OK, straight to bursting laughter episode!

Putoremaiosu : ” The day before yesterday, my family went vacation to Mie prefecture, first day we went to the hot spring and in the changing room, I lost my blue with yellow polkadot pants, and I don’t know either why I bought pants like that…!”

Yashiro Deputy Head : “Were there any suspicious people around?”

Putoremaiosu : ” Yes, there are 5 to 6 people and one suspicious uncle with his mustache..!”

YUI-sensei : “ohh I see…”

Aa..! YUI-sensei only acted normal!!
This is not a good sign…!

Toyama Headmaster : ” OK then, the way you say “pantsu” …”

Yashiro Deputy Head : “ say it in an interesting tone or something!”

Putoremaiosu : “…lemon no pantsu”

Toyama Headmaster : ” ehh…wait….wait..!!”

Putoremaiosu “lemon no pantsu~”

YUI-sensei “HAHAHA (Haha)!”

“Tsubo” succed!!!!! You get a Clear File!!
Even so…”Interesting pronunciation” that’s kinda hard right….(sweat)!

And now… YUI-sensei who came back after a long time! Unfortunately we are entering last session.
Chalk board writing!! (Writing message on message board)

And of course, for the last blackboard YUI-sensei will write on it!!

Today’s summary by YUI-sensei

Toyama Headteacher: In this final black board it holds a new promise…!

YUI sensei: Yes!

Yashiro Deputy Head : “This is the first time I see message that mix a greeting with a number (laugh)”

Toyama Headmaster : “ Everybody, let’s change new promise on message board!!”

YUI sensei, thanks so much!
Please come over and play with us more often!

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