Hisashi Kondo Dokutsubo (2010.04.05) – Ms. Working Hard


748 ??????
748 Ms. Working Hard

Today, at Nogizaka Studio,

…Work is going well, and we’re making progress!!


YUI seriously checking the master tracks.



And, napping? YUI.



The album is really sounding good, and we are finishing it.

Ms. Working Hard!! (Ganbariya-san. A play on several words: Ganbaru (to try one’s best), ya (shop or store) and san (polite address to a person). A ya-san is very common for a shop owner or worker, like panya-san (baker), honya-san(bookstore worker), etc. Here, Hisashi is making fun of her for falling asleep, but also praising how hard she was working, by comparing her to a shop owner.)



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