YUI Diary (2010.04.05) – Sakura!



Translated by MrSean.

Hello everyone, it’s YUI.

All of a sudden, recently though it’s mostly cloudy, the sakura are BEAUTIFUL!

Like this, they are beautifully blooming. It gives me a wonderful feeling?

But, the sakura bloom, and invariably however pretty they are,
strong winds…a lot of rain comes, right?
Soon they fall, wastefully, though. This short-lived moment is still good, right? (this sentence is more nuanced than I can translate. Her opinion is, I believe, that it is worth it, but the “kana” at the end indicates some doubt)

With the camera that I had wanted for a long time that I received on my birthday,
I tried taking my first pictures!

It would be good if I get better at taking them, if I could convey my feelings…
Sakura-chan is pretty!

It’s gradually getting warmer!
This summer it’d be good to go to some festivals
Go to bunch of concerts….
I feel like there’s a lot of fun things to do.
Let’s absolutely to a lot of fun things!

dewa dewa, Happily!!
Adieu-zakura (…)


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